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Easy-to-cook tacos recipes

Tacos Al Pastor

The process of making these tacos may seem a little daunting. The pork for these tacos would normally be slowly cooked for hours so, actually, you're welcome.

Blackened salmon tacos

Crispy blackened salmon topped with lettuce, tomato, onion and a drizzle of our favorite homemade creamy tomatillo avocado salsa.

Tacos with Grilled Poblano & Corn Salad

When you change the dressing ever so slightly by upping the lime juice and the hot sauce, the salad becomes more of a salsa, an irresistible addition to any summer taco — grilled steak, chicken, fish, tofu, whatever you’ve got cooking.

Mouthwatering Mexican food recipes

Mexican Breakfast Chilaquiles

Serve up this sizzling one-skillet scramble for brunch or dinner. Either way, you're basically having nachos as a meal.

One-Skillet Corn Chilaquiles

This recipe makes just enough salsa verde to coat one bag of chips, but it's so tasty and versatile that we always make a double batch. If you can, choose a heftier chip that will hold up when stirred into the sauce.

Chilorio Recipe

Chilorio is a delicious Pork dish made with dried peppers, orange juice-vinegar, and other spices. A perfect filling for burritos. This Chilorio recipe comes from the State of Sinaloa!

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Must-know tacos cooking tips


Finish with something smooth

Think about the balance of textures. Try adding something smooth, like a cream or avocado, if you’re working with a grilled meat.


Good quality corn tortillas

Fortunately, thanks to the popularity of Mexican food in Australia the availability of good quality corn tortillas is also increasing.


Get Creative with Your Fillings

A lot of the tacos we’re most familiar with use slow-cooked meats. But limiting yourself to those options is silly.

Heroes Behind the Company

Whether you want to launch a Mexican food restaurant or just learn cooking delicious tacos in order to delight your best friend, we will cover all your needs! Visit our online cooking courses and let's cook together the most delicious tacos and burritos!

Homemade tortillas are amazing, but they’re not always the most practical thing. Don’t sweat it if you can’t make them. If possible, look for a locally made tortilla! Our professional chef will share these and other cooking secrets with you!


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A professional chef

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